Diploma in Business Accounts & Finance Management (DBAFM)

Bharat Ratna JRD Tata said that “person with good financial understanding will always have edge on others”.

How true it is even after so many years. In today’s competitive world and specially after demonetisation, importance of having good financial understanding of business is like never before.

Every person whatever career he / she chooses needs to have fundamental financial knowledge.

ITAP is pioneer institute in providing best & genuine training in finance, taxation in accounts since last 9 years.

Join course of DBAFM @ ITAP and get best and genuine fundamental knowledge of taxation, accounts & finance which will help for your personal advancement in your knowledge & career.

Who should do this course ?

Our students of DBAFM are always smarter than their friends in college.

Course Content
Duration of the course – 100 days

(Daily 120 min)

Features of DBAFM