PBA (Professional Business Accountant)

Professional Business Accountant is complete career course in field of taxation & accountancy. This is very popular course among students and it has made career of hundreds of students, housewives till date.

This course is designed by experienced Chartered Accountants considering today’s market needs and after making consultation with numerous businessmen, industrialists, consultants, finance managers about their expectations from their accounts team. This course is unique combination of fundamental concepts and practical exposure of the said concepts.

There is big demand of complete accountants in the market. Every newspaper is having number of advertisements for requirement of complete accountants. Even in the period of recession, when organisations were leaving their other employees, only demand of PBAs was growing continuously.

But at the same time there is huge unemployment among the graduate students. After completing their graduation, they don’t get correct direction to build their career. That means there is huge need of PBAs in market at one end and equal amount of unemployment among commerce graduates at other end. When our research team, tried to analyse reasons behind this, they understood that existing graduates lacks in following things –

  1. They don’t have practical accounting knowledge
  2. They don’t have job experience
  3. They don’t have complete & practical knowledge of taxation (Income tax, VAT, Ser Tax etc)
  4. They don’t have any exposure into this field.

PBA course provides all above things to their students. 9 months career course of PBA is structured in following way –

Duration of the course

Duration of the course is 9 months. It is being conducted for 2 hours a day. So one can manage his business, job, home etc while doing this course.

Who should do PBA ?

Course of PBA helps to all categories of people exceptionally well.

Commerce students (B com / M Com) who want to make career into accounts &  finance

Fresher B Com or M Com students can do PBA course and start their career. They can join “earn and learn scheme” of institute and do the course in very low cost.

Many students, after graduation, does job in BPO or as job entry operator or in any non accounting field. But student cannot build their career doing such kind of jobs. However PBA course provides them opportunity to build start their career into accounts and taxation and make complete growth in that career in each year.

Existing accountants

Students who are working as accountants after graduation as junior accountants, becomes stagnant after few years. Their salary as well as work responsibilities don’t increase with their experience. After certain years, they don’t get salary and work satisfactions upto their potentials. Their knowledge remains limited only upto their job responsibilities and they don’t get exposure to expand their knowledge beyond that. For ex – Tax workings, finalization of balance sheet, filing of VAT / Income Tax / Ser Tax returns etc.

These students can update their knowledge with PBA and can get professional training of concepts of accounting & taxation. They get complete exposure into accounts and taxation during PBA and they can get promoted as senior accountant, accounts manager, chief finance officer etc and their salary can also be increased upto substantial extent.

Commerce graduate housewives

Commerce graduate housewives, after 4-5 years of marriage, feels need of starting their career again. Once they get free from family responsibilities and kids start going to school, they feel strong desire to start working again instead of sitting idle at home. They feel to start working so as to keep themselves active, become financially independent. Looking towards today’s inflation, cost of living, cost of education, cost of homes, only one earning member of family cannot take care of family well. Hence if housewives start earning, they can give really good financial support to the family.

For these ambitious housewives, iTAP, is a place to fulfill their dreams. By doing PBA from iTAP, they can recharge their accounting knowledge, can get new and updated taxation knowledge, complete practical exposure of accounts and taxation, on site job experience during the course. Once PBA is over, then world of job opportunities are open for these girls and from housewife, they can start becoming housemaker….(financially independent person who makes her family and house) !

At iTAP, looking towards special learning needs of these housewives, we have special batch for them with convenient timings and very good faculties. 

Students who wants to go in own or family business or profession

Students undergoing B com and who wants to join own of family business or profession shall do this course along with graduation. In depth and complete practical knowledge of accounts and taxation (Income tax, TDS, VAT, CST, Ser tax, Excise) will make their basic concepts very clear and they can start or join their business or profession with much more confidence.  They don’t need to be dependent on their accountant or consultant for all petty financial or statutory matters in business.

These students can do this PBA course along with graduation and can utilize their spare time during graduation even beautifully well.

Value for Money

Particualrs MBA CA / CWA PGDBA PBA
Duration 2 years 4.5 years * 2 years 9 months
Course fees (approx) 200000 150000 ** 100000 50000
Job during the course No No No Yes***
Placement after the course (Approx) 10000 pm 30000 pm 10000 pm 10000 pm
Period of recovery of fees paid after the course 20 months 5 months 20 months 1 months ***
Total period of recovery of fees paid from joining course 44 months 57 months 44 months 10 months