Finance for Professionals

Friends, many of us think that, we are not from finance background and hence we are “non-finance people”?
Hence for all finance, accounts & tax related matters either we depend on our accountant or our chartered accountant.
Really are we “non-finance people”?
In today’s world of cut throat competition, difficult finance structure & complex statutory compliances, can we even afford to say that we are “non-finance people”?
Friends, Its high time now that every Businessman, Professional, Industrialist, infact Every Entrepreneur (from whatever academic background one is from) needs to have complete “finance knowledge”.
Among every other expertise, “Financial Knowledge” is the most ignored one, when we easily forget that, we are in business for the very reason of earning / creating finance.

Think for few moments:

If any of above question is troubling you, you have to do this course specially designed for businessman & professionals.

Course Content:
Financial Management
How this course will help you?
Duration : 9 sessions of 3 hrs. each