Welcome to iTAP

Welcome to Institute of Taxation & Accounting Professionals (iTAP) one of the best accounting management institutes which is designed and run by group of very passionate, energetic and experienced Chartered Accountants who are into practice since last 20 years.

We sincerely believe that every human being from whatever academic stream he or she belongs to, fundamentally is an accountant in life. That's why they are able to keep accounting and hisab kitab of their personal expenses exceptionally well. Howsoever for making accountancy as your profession or to get specialised knowledge into it, you need to take special training and guidance. iTAP is the place which provides that special training and guidance and converts ordinary accountant into Professional Business Accountant …. (PBA).

iTAP is a unique accounting management institute of one of its kind with features like Life time free recharge, iTAP mentoring, iTAP mock process, iTAP E & L program, iTAPIAN’s community. It is an ISO 9001 : 2008 certified institute.

At iTAP, we create GEN Next Accountants, who are not only ready to handle today’s complexities of taxation & accounting but also tomorrow’s challenges in the world of finance. Our PBAs are having edge and advantage in so many aspects on other regular accountants. They are complete and Professional Business Accountants.

Former president of India and our inspiration Dr APJ Abdul Kalam had given us vision of India becoming super power in 2020. At iTAP, we understand the role that accountants can play in national development. iTAP is founded with a vision of creating world class accounting professionals who can play their role in making India as superpower by 2020. As per NASSCOM survey recently, every year India needs at least 2 lac PBAs. iTAP feels proud in contributing towards this.

Our Vision