ITAP Specials


This is a unique scheme initiated by ITAP for the benefit of students to give them feeling of learning and making their career with their own earnings without giving major financial burden on their parents.

Under this scheme, immediately after joining the course, student is being provided training job at different MSMEs, consultant’s office as junior accountant. Along with wonderful job experience, they also get their salary at job. So after paying initial payment, students can pay remaining instalments from their salary.

Due to earn and learn scheme, actual course fees for students after considering salary from job is less than Rs. 10000 for complete course.


Today is world of presentation. Whatever knowledge you have, is of no value, till the time you are not able to present it properly in front of the world.

Understanding importance of presentation, ITAP makes students give presentation in every module about topic they learnt. This gives students lot of self confidence, develops their stage courage.

Also to understand that topic well, ITAP arranges fun quiz on topic that is being discussed. Through such fun games, students becomes comfortable with the topic and learns it very well

ITAP always believes that all its students has huge potential. To give opportunity to explore their potential, ITAP provides platform to students to perform in front of large audience.

Every year, ITAP arranges mega presentation competition amongst all the students. Every participant needs to make presentation in in front of large audience comprising of all the students, visitors, guests. That gives them good confidence and self belief.
ITAP always believes that all its students has huge potential. To make them realise their potential, ITAP conducts mentoring session for students to develop winning attitudes in them.

These mentoring session helps the students deal with small or big challenges in life, to have clarity about their goals,
Many students has fear of coming on stage and performing in front of audience. this fear create self doubts in them.
To removes this fear and develop a winning attitude in them, every year, on the occasion of Independence day, ITAP arranges inter batch skit competition on the theme of what they want to do for their country. And students come with some unique topics like –

A disadvantage of PUBg, Why shall we follow traffic rules, Say no to plastic, Don’t use mobiles while driving, Swacha Bharat, Why shall we love our parents. Youth is the future of this country.

Our experience is 90% of students, never performed on stage before ITAP. They feel so happy and satisfied that they performed so well and helped their batch and team to win.
Youth is all about enthusiasm, energy, fun, and masti. To develop the hidden qualities in our students, ITAP arranges the “Annual Gathering” of its students.

An annual gathering student dances, makes performances play musical instruments, sing songs, read poems, etc.

Through all such activities, students make lifetime friends and memories.
Every human being needs some motivation to achieve their goals. Many times when we listen to someone, who starting from zero or no background, become super successful in life, we automatically get answers to a lot of our unanswered questions. We get clarity and we can move with good speed towards our goals.

Every year ITAP arranges motivational sessions of successful industrialists, professionals & businessmen. Students get immensely benefitted with listening to the wisdom and experiences of these successful people.
We always believe that once students enters in ITAP, he becomes member of ITAP family for lifetime. He / she can always reach back to ITAP for any professional issues they face in lifetime.

We observed that when students enters in corporate world after PBA, face many situations, questions in which they need some genuine guidance.

In such cases, ex ITAP students, mail to ITAP, their questions, and ITAP’s expert faculties answer it within 24 hrs.

ITAP is one of the very rare education institute, who takes care of its students development for lfietime.
Taxation, accounts & finance is very dynamic field. Continuous changes & amendments keep happening in this field. Few latest occasions like demonetisation, Covid situations made government implement many changes in taxation and finance.

ITAP takes special care of its students even after the course. ITAP has many different initiatives for its ex students –

1. ITAP sends 100 updation mails about the latest changes in this field to its ex students for their benefit which can help them to perform their working responsibilities in better manner.

2. ITAP arranges quarterly free seminars to its students about latest topics.

3. ITAP arranges one full day annual function for its ex students to upgrade themselves and learn all the latest changes in field of taxation, accounts and finance. ….and all these initiatives for all the ex students are being conducted absolutely FREE OF COST (Without any charge)