Star Achievers

Mahendra Yewale​

Sigma Electrical Pvt Ltd
CTC: 18 Lacs​

Ravi Bhosale​

Tax Consultant
CTC: 16 Lacs​

Manali Badave​

Croissance Biomed Pvt Ltd
CTC: 15 Lacs​

Sudha Kulkarni

CFP – SOBA Group
CTC: 14.8 Lacs​

Sarthak Khire

Tax Consultant – Endow Tax & Finance Consultant
CTC: 14.5 Lacs​

Prasad Dhongdi

Tax Consultant – Instaa Financial Services
CTC: 13.5 Lacs​

Manish Gaikwad

SPC Pvt Ltd
CTC: 13.2 Lacs​

Ganesh Mule

Tax Consultant – Ganesh Mule & Co.
CTC: 12 Lacs​

Sudhir Kaspate

Tax Consultant – S K Financial services
CTC: 12 Lacs​

Neil Mascarenhas

Bharati Axa
CTC: 11.4 Lacs​

Ganesh Mhatre

Tax Consultant
CTC: 11 Lacs​

Yashashree Bathe

Nikis Utility Pvt Ltd
CTC: 9.6 Lacs​

Kedar Keskar

Tax Consultant – Keskar and Associates
CTC: 9 Lacs​

Prayag Shinde

Naiknavare Developers
CTC: 9 Lacs​

Ashish Chaudhari

European Company
CTC: 8.5 Lacs​

Nivrutti Nale

Tax Consultancy & Job in Equator Appliances
CTC: 8.4 Lacs​

Sandip Joshi

Tata Technologies
CTC: 8 Lacs​

Ravi Choudhari

WNS Technologies Ltd
CTC: 8 Lacs​

Abhijit Joshi

Fujitsu Pvt Ltd
CTC: 8 Lacs​

Amit Tare

K2V2 Technologies Pvt Ltd
CTC: 7.8 Lacs​

Gaurav Thembekar

CTC: 7.5 Lacs​

Eshani Sali

Infocepts Pvt Ltd
CTC: 7.5 Lacs​

Pooja Borse

Infosys Technology
CTC: 7.2 Lacs​

Sameer Kale

Tax Consultant
CTC: 6.5 Lacs​

Prashant Newase

Fine Equipment India Pvt Ltd
CTC: 6.2 Lacs​

Amrut Rajput

Delta Infracon Pvt Ltd
CTC: 6 Lacs​

Rahul Pati

Tata Consultancy Ltd
CTC: 6 Lacs​

Sangram Ravangave

Moulders Shriram India Pvt Ltd
CTC: 6 Lacs​

Salman Shaikh

Tax Consultant – Ajija Enterprises
CTC: 6 Lacs​

Mahesh Valhe

JJT Meta Schooling Pvt Ltd
CTC: 6 Lacs​

Sanjay Madchetti

Blue Venture Group.
CTC: 5.8 Lacs​

Parth Tilgulkar

Mintifi Finserve Ltd
CTC: 5.5 Lacs​

Vitthal Kamshete

MRC Logistic India Pvt Ltd CTC: 5.4 Lacs​

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