ITAP believes in providing not only technical knowledge but also practical life experiences to its students. Along with studies, ITAP focuses on many other aspects of student’s overall personality development which is the reason for ITAP students becoming more successful in industry.


This is a unique scheme initiated by ITAP for the benefit of students to give them feeling of learning and making their career with their own earnings without giving major financial burden on their parents.

Under this scheme, immediately after joining the course, student is being provided a job at different SMEs, Consultant’s office as “Accounts Assistant”. Along with wonderful job experience, they also get their salary at job.

Due to E & L scheme, at the end of the course, student get more salary than course cost. Hence PBA is famous in students as “ZERO COST COURSE”


Normally in all other institutes, student gets job after the course completion. And many times when student dont get job as promised they feel cheated.

JOB. It provides job to students within 90 days of joining the course which gives them good salary plus practical training. Thus ITAP is only institute in Maharashtra, which gives to students COURSE WITH JOB


Today is world of presentation. Whatever knowledge you have, is of no value, if you are not able to present it properly in front of the world.

Understanding importance of Presentation Skills, ITAP makes students give presentation in every subject about topic they learnt. This gives students lot of self confidence, develops their stage courage. Through different events, students present themselves in front of 200+ audience

Also to understand that topic well, ITAP arranges fun quiz on topic that is being discussed. Through such fun games, students becomes comfortable with the topic and learns it very well


ITAP always believes that all its students has huge potential. To make them realise their potential, ITAP conducts mentoring session for students to develop winning attitudes in them.

These mentoring session helps the students deal with small or big challenges in life, to have clarity about their goals and to achieve their dream success.


Every human being needs some motivation to achieve their goals. Many times when we listen to someone, who starting from zero or no background, become super successful in life, we automatically get answers to a lot of our unanswered questions. We get clarity and we can move with good speed towards our goals.

Every year ITAP arranges motivational sessions of successful industrialists, professionals & businessmen. Students get immensely benefitted with listening to the wisdom and experiences of these successful people.


We always believe that once students enters in ITAP, he becomes member of ITAP family for lifetime. For their lifetime, student gets access to ITAP faculties, for any professional issues / questions they face in lifetime.

We observed that when students enters in corporate world after PBA, face many situations, questions in which they need some genuine guidance. ITAP provides them solution in 24 hrs.

ITAP is one of the very rare education institute, who takes care of its students development for lifetime.

90% Practical + 10% Theory

ITAP understand that students learn more through practical exposure. Hence ITAP provides job to students within 3 months of joining the course. This way student get 90% of practical on job experience which helps them a lot to shape up their career.

Education Loan @ ZERO % interest

ITAP has made special arrangements with leading financial institutions to provide education loan to ITAP students @ ZERO % interest rate.

With this student can join PBA course with less fees payment and get financial help to complete course properly.