Professional Business Accountant (PBA)

Professional Business Accountant (PBA) is awarded as “BEST CAREER COURSE” for students from all streams.. Commerce, Arts, Science. As per latest survey, more than 2 lac PBAs are required in Maharashtra every year.

  • Placement record of PBA students is 100% since last 16 years.
  • 90% Practical + 10% Theoretical training
  • 3000 hrs training program. 2500 hrs on JOB training + 250 hrs classroom training.
  • Contents of the course has been created by group of industrialists, businessmen, professionals keeping in mind industry requirements.

12.5 K

Satisfied Students


Years of Experience

11 Months

  • Award winning Job Oriented Career Course
  • 11 months, Daily 90 Mins
  • Special employment skill sessions
  • First job within 90 days
  • Practicing CA faculties
  • Leadership and confidence building activities
  • Special focus on Presentation Skills
  • Simulation software for TDS / GST returns filing
  • 100% Job Oriented syllabus
  • 100% Placement record since last 16 years.
  • Most Secured, Growth Oriented and Respectful career
  • Best course content in job industry
  • Three level placement guarantee
    • 1) Within 90 of joining the course
    • 2) After the course
    • 3) Lifetime Job Guarantee
  • Free Lifetime updation, seminars, skill enhancement sessions for PBA students
  • PBA is most UNIVERSAL career. PBAs are required in each city and each industry.
  • Earnings more than 5 lacs in less than 5 years
  • PBA can do JOB and start own consultancy also.
  • 4000+ registered employers for providing job to PBA students.
  • Business Accounting.
  • Tally ERP 9.0.
  • Finalisation Of Accounts.
  • MS Office – Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Income Tax, TDS
  • Goods & Service Tax (GST)
  • E-Banking, Insurance & Investment
  • Allied Business Laws
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Tally Prime / Zoho / SAP-FICO
  • Practical Project Practise

Graduate / Post graduate (B com / BBA / BA / M Com / MBA)

After Graduation, Students Can Do PBA Course, Which Happens In Very Less Time Of 11 Months. Through The Earn & Learn Scheme, PBA Course Fees Are Also Very Less. This Way They Can Get Their First Job Through ITAP.

So While Doing PBA They Can Get Triple Benefit Of 1) PBA Education 2) Job Experience 3) Salary.

After PBA They Can Do Job At Different Positions In Finance And Accounts Department. They Also Can Start Their Own Accounts And Tax Consultancy. Thousands Of Graduate Students And Housewives Have Benefitted Till Now With PBA Course.

Students From Non Commerce Background Also Can Do PBA And Do Very Well In Their Careers.

Girl students ( FY / SY or Graduate Girls )

Today Girls Want To Be Financially Independent And Create Their Own Identity. They Don’t Want To Be Dependent On Their Husband Or Their Parents For Their Financial Needs.
Many Parents Also Look For Genuine, Secure, Growth-Oriented, Short Term And Futuristic Careers For Their Daughter.
PBA Fulfills All Those Needs.

Girls Can Immediately Start Working And Getting Good Work Experience While Doing PBA. While Getting Married They Can Go To Their In-Law’s House As Earning Members And Get Much-Needed Security And Respect.

Students doing graduation ( FY / SY / TY )

Start Early To Remain Ahead Of Others. Normally Many Students Don’t Do Anything Significant During Their Graduation. Hence Most Precious 3 Years Of Their Life Are Not Fully Utilized. In This World Of Fierce Competition, Can Students Really Afford To Waste 3 Precious Years Of Their Life? Can They Really Afford To Remain Behind Others And Start Thinking About Their Career Only After Graduation.

Students Can Pursue BCOM Course While Doing Graduation And Also Start Doing Their First Job During Graduation. So After 3 Years, When Others Will Be “Just” Graduate, PBA Students Get Not Only A Graduation Degree But A Certificate Of PBA (Which Is Most Appreciated By Industry) And Job Experience Of 1-2 Years. So After Graduation, They Can Get A Very Good Salary Which Other Students Get After 5-7 Years After Graduation.

Working Accountants

Professional Development Of Students Who Are Working As Accountants Without Any Professional Education Becomes Stagnant After A Few Years. After Certain Years, They Don’t Get A Salary And Work Satisfaction Up To Their Potentials. Their Knowledge Remains Limited Only Up To Their Job Responsibilities And They Don’t Get Exposure/Knowledge Beyond It. So They Don’t Get An Experience Of Forex – Tax Workings, Finalization Of A Balance Sheet, Filing Of Income Tax, TDS, GST Calculations, Filing Of GST Returns, Etc.
Through PBA, These Students Can Take This Genuine & Advance Knowledge Of Finance, Accounting & Taxation From Expert CA Faculties.

After PBA, They Can Get Promoted As A Senior Accountant, Accounts Manager, Chief Financial Officer, Etc And Their Salary Can Also Be Increased Up To A Substantial Extent. They Also Can Start Their Own Accounts & Tax Consultancy.

People working in other fields (non accounting)

People Working In Other Fields Like Inventory, Insurance, Marketing, BPOs, Etc Don’t Have Job Security And Growth Available In Their Jobs. They Find Very Difficult To Match With Rising Living Costs With Their Poor Salary.
These People Can Do PBA, Which Is The Most Secured And Growth-Oriented Career. They Can Increase Their Earning Though This Professional Carrier.

Graduate housewives

Many Times Girls Get Married Immediately During Or After Graduation. After 4-5 Years Of Marriage – & Once They Get Free From Family Responsibilities And Kids Start Going To School, They Feel A Strong Desire To Start Working Again Instead Of Sitting Idle At Home. They Feel To Start Working So As To Keep Themselves Active, Create Their Own Identity & Become Financially Independent.

For These Ambitious Housewives, ITAP Is A Place To Fulfill Their Dreams. By Doing PBA From ITAP,
1) They Can Recharge Their Accounting Knowledge,
2) Can Get New And Updated Finance & Taxation Knowledge,
3) Complete Practical Exposure Of Accounts And Taxation,
4) On-Site Job Experience During The Course.

Once PBA Is Over, Then A World Of Job Opportunities Are Open For These Girls And From Housewife, They Can Start Becoming House Maker….(Financially Independent Person Who Makes Her Family And House)!
At ITAP, We Take Care Of The Special Learning Needs Of These Housewives. We Have A Special Batch For Them With Convenient Timings And Very Good Faculties.

PBA is one of the most secured and growth oriented career. PBA is best career in field of taxation, accounts and finance management.

PBA is 100% job oriented career course designed by team of expert Chartered Accountants considering industry needs. This course is unique combination of fundamental concepts of taxation, accounts and finance management and practical exposure of the said concepts. 

Its only course which provides ‘job with course’. PBA is only course which doesn’t restrict students training inside four walls of classroom but gives them actual ‘on job training’.

Every year, demand of PBAs is growing. Specially after GST, even recession or other industry factors could not reduce PBA’s demand in market.

Since 2008, PBA has provided employment to more than 12000+ students.

: 4.7 Rating


: 12.5 K


: 8 Modules


: 11 Months


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What ITAP Students are talking about ITAP

satya patilsatya patil
05:47 01 Jan 24
My name is Satyam Patil After my graduation, I joined ITAP Institute.All teachers are very supportive I learn GST, Income tax subject Now I got a my Final job. This course is job oriented course.Thank you so much ITAP..😊
Soham MahajanSoham Mahajan
05:24 30 Dec 23
My name is soham mahajan. Oriented course in pune. All basic accounting clear to Popular institute in pune.
Charmy GawaiCharmy Gawai
04:17 30 Dec 23
Myself Charmy Gawai, I have completed my online PBA course from ITAP institute, which include income tax, GST, Tally. For account related jobs PBA course is the best.
04:02 30 Dec 23
Omkar TodkarOmkar Todkar
05:01 29 Dec 23
My name is Omkar Todkar After my graduation, I searched a lot to learn accounting, then with the help of one of my friends, I joined ITAP Institute. It has been 4 months since the class started and I am learning from basic accounting, GST, Income tax subject. All teachers are very supportive. Now I got a job through ITAP. As they say they will give job placement for further learning after 3 months, they also show it.Thank you so much ITAP and all Itap staff.
Sai ThakarSai Thakar
12:54 21 Dec 23
Hello, myself Sai Thakar. I'm a BCOM student and proud to be a part of ITAP institute. I've had the incredible opportunity to secure a job through the PBA course, further highlighting the institute's effectiveness and the program's industry relevance.ITAP has been a game-changer for me. It offers top-notch education in taxation and finance. The institute's focus on practical skills has truly prepared me for a promising career, making it a valuable choice for anyone seeking quality education in this field.As a PBA student, I can confidently say that this program stands out as a beacon in the realm of taxation, accounts, and finance management. Crafted meticulously by a team of expert Chartered Accountants, PBA not only imparts foundational knowledge but also offers invaluable practical exposure. What sets PBA apart is its unwavering focus on job orientation, ensuring that students are not just equipped with theoretical knowledge but are also industry-ready. The 'on-job training' aspect is particularly commendable, allowing us to seamlessly bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application. PBA isn't just a course; it's a pathway to a secure and growth-oriented career in the financial landscape.The program excels in fostering communication skills, offering invaluable training on presentation techniques. Additionally, the inclusion of interactive and fun activities not only elevates engagement but also enhances overall knowledge retention and application.The institute boasts a truly cooperative and supportive atmosphere. Both the faculty and fellow students consistently prioritize collaboration, making it an ideal environment for growth and learning.
Jayashri DeshpandeJayashri Deshpande
05:32 09 Dec 23
ITAP is a institute where one can gain the knowledge in accounting field. I joined ITAP institute for doing PBA (Professional Business Accountancy) course. Here I learned about GST, Income tax, Business law, Tally.erp ect. I personally like the nature of the course because, when we join the course, after 90 days we have to do internship also (learn + earn system). while doing the course, many exciting tasks are taken by the faculty like after completing every module of the course, seminars and Quiz competition are taken. Special batch is conducted by the CA. Pankaj Mandhane sir. This batch help us in deciding our goal. Here I'm sharing some pics of the seminar I won. It is the best institute.
Janhavi SuvernkarJanhavi Suvernkar
08:39 10 Nov 23
Hi, this is Janhavi Suvernkar. I found out about ITAP Institute on a TV news show where I had seen an interview with Mandhane sir. I was impressed, so I collected information about ITAP Institute and decided to join. One of their staff members, Gayatri mam, contacted me and provided all the information about their courses. I enrolled in one of their courses, initially having only basic knowledge about GST. However, after joining this course, I learned so many things about it. They not only teach but also clear your doubts and provide guidance.What I liked most about ITAP is that all the lectures are given by experts, and everyone is very cooperative. Thank you, ITAP. It has provided the best job opportunities for me so far. They have interactive mentors, a friendly environment, abundant opportunities, and, especially, teachers who excel at teaching Accounting. Thanks to ITAP, I secured my first job.
kirti bavdhanekirti bavdhane
07:07 19 Jul 23
Best job opportunities so far from the itap institute 😀. They have interactive mentors, friendly environment, abundant opportunities and specially teachers are very best for us who teach nice about accounting. I got a gift from itap for best presentation you can achieve all this. So don't wait, come and meet our teachers take the admission Its the golden opportunity for us you will understand this correct decision make you happy and proud life.❤️🌍Thanks.
Rohan kolheRohan kolhe
03:03 14 Apr 23
I am Rohan Prakash Kolhe. I am from Raipur, Chandwad (Nashik). I came to know about ITAP INSTITUTE from YouTube and joined the class on November 2022. After 3rd month I got first job in CA firm with class. Since joining the class I am getting knowledge of various subjects like Tally, Banking, GST, Business Law, Income Tax, MS-Office.... After joining the class, I got to experience many things like Presentation, Quiz, Skit Competition, Confidence increased and Communication improved. Every staff in the class is good and timely guide.

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