Accounting and Technology

As we all know that nowadays technologies are evolving rapidly as IT (Information Technology) sectors explored with new inventions and Research in different software’s. Cloud based technologies have brought data and operations ease to perform online.
We all witnessed the Pandemic in last 2-3 years and Post Pandemic, technologies’ major introductions to every sector, like, Automobiles, Real Estate, Banking, Educations and so on.
Accounting sector is also not an exception for the technologies inception in. In last few years, most of the accounting and Taxations tasks are being automated, Artificial Intelligence, Big and complex data, analytics and cloud-based accounting operations and practises through the software are being practiced.
The Information technology accounting integrates the traditional and new accounting practices, principles in a software and make it centralised for organization and its financial data. The Accounting tools like, Invoicing software. Business credit card(s)Business bank account(s), Financial calendar are being commonly used.
If the adoptions of technology in accounting sectors increasing day by day, then a simple and automatic questions come in mind that, “Will technology replace the accountants?”
And Answer is “NO”- The role of accountant will be more challenging and explored but cannot be obsolete. The Task like, Data Entry, bookkeeping and reconciliations are being automated, but due to this Accountants can invest more time in strategic thinking, Strategic plannings and financial analysis.
The accountants should learn the cloud computing, blockchain systems, automation systems and software, Artificial intelligence, and machine learnings to boost up their professional values and carers.
There are much software being used across the word, Mostly used software are Tally, Quick Books, SAP, ZOHO Books, ABCP Suite, Oracle NetSuite ERP, Vyapar, and so on.
The ITAP (Institute of Taxation and Accounting Professional) serves and offers the Best Accounting and Taxation subjects through all rounded faculties who has very good and practical knowledge of Cloud based and non-cloud-based software like Tally, Zoho Books and SAP for FICO (Finance and Controlling).
And as we mentioned above, Accountants cannot be replaced by technology, ITAP is engaged to prepare and make ready the accountants on Theoretical and Practical knowledge and use of these software which are getting widely used.
Accounting with information technology will be the future of Accountants so, the comprehensive learnings of accounting and software is must and will be easily available at ITAP.
So Choose the BEST and be the BEST!!!

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